6 Effortless Wedding Guest Hairstyles

When the wedding season is in full swing, there are so many fun things to think about. You want to RSVP to all the events you want to attend, make travel arrangements, and choose what to wear and how to style your hair. It does not matter whether you have curly tresses, long hair, or short wavy locks, you need a hairstyle that is long-lasting and manageable. Here are a few quick and trendy hairstyles for wedding guests to give you some inspiration and help you achieve the perfect wedding guest hairstyle.

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Whether it is a hairstyle for a wedding guest with long hair, short hairstyles for a wedding guest, a beach wedding hairstyle, a curly hairstyle, or an intricate hairstyle for an exotic destination, we’ve got easy hairstyles for every wedding guest. Now, you can try these 6 quick and easy wedding guest hairstyles, which will help you feel more comfortable during the wedding celebrations. We have hair ideas to suit everyone, whether you're looking for a tousled updo, loose waves or curls, a gorgeous half-up look, or an all-down fairytale look. It’s time to whip out the hairspray, get your hair tools ready, and you'll have wedding guest hairstyles that are Tik Tok-worthy in no time.

Braided Half Updos

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When you’re unsure as to what works as a hairstyle for wedding guests with long hair, shoulder-length hair, or medium-length hair, this dreamy braided half updo is an absolutely easy hairstyle to do at home. The braided half-up or down hairstyle is a classic hairstyle for wedding guests, but with a whimsical twist.

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If you want to create this look at home, you need a curling iron and a soft to medium hold styler product packed with ingredients your hair loves. Gather a small portion of hair from the side of your head. Attach a ponytail holder to the bottom of the braided strand of hair. Make another braid on the other side so you have two braids total. You can also make a French braid on both sides and pin them in place. Now, to add volume to braids, pull the hair at the ends of the braid outward with your fingers starting at the top. You want the braid to look wide and messy. As you pull outward, the braid will look wider. When it is wide enough, stop pulling. Join the two braids at the back of the head in the middle. As if you were tying a knot, wrap one piece of the braid under and over the other. Wrap the two pieces of hanging braid around each other. Attach the two pieces by using a ponytail holder, then remove the two ponytail holders that held the individual braids. Curl small sections of hair using your curling iron. Secure your curls using either the All About Curls® Curls For Days or Biotera® Finishing Spray to give life to your curls and hold them in place.

Loose Dreamy Waves

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Wedding guest hairstyles like this one are all about simple, sophisticated styling where less is more. It is a perfect fusion of casual and sophisticated in an effortless hairstyle with loose waves and a center part. You can achieve natural waves by using messy, textured, and alternating curls with a curler, straightener, wand, or heatless styling method. For added texture, curl your hair in opposite directions with a curling iron or heatless styler. If you have naturally curly hair, use the All About Curls® Soft Definition Gel or Biotera® Styling Mousse for Healthy Scalp. Healthy Hair. to keep the curls intense and more defined. You can keep those natural curls or use a heat roller to achieve a more defined curl effect.

Floral Accessories

For long hairstyles for weddings, you can try including a floral piece. It gives you an ageless look, made more beautiful with long curls that fall naturally. They are perfect for a beach wedding or a destination wedding at an exotic destination. It’s an easy wedding guest hairstyle to flaunt if you love drama. Prep your hair with a styling spray, then curl 1” sections away from the face. Roll up and clip them. Finish the look with a gorgeous flower or jeweled hairpins.

Want dramatic romantic oversized curls? For a romance-inspired look, big curls are a good choice. You can achieve the perfect look for a special occasion by adding extensions for volume and by using the All About Curls® Boosting Foam or Biotera® Styling Mousse or Gel.

Tousled Updo Bun

The tousled updo bun is one of the hottest wedding guest curly hairstyles. It adds sophistication and glam to any wedding, no matter the type of hair you have. This is ideal for thin, long, and even curly hair. This look can be achieved at home by putting your hair in a high ponytail with your hands. You can either place it at the top of your head or a few inches toward the back. Your ponytail doesn't have to be neat or tight. Let it hang loosely. There is nothing wrong with a few strands falling out on the sides and back. Tease your hair with a comb, and twist and wrap strands around the base of your ponytail, securing them with bobby pins. You can finish your hair for this look by using our Biotera® Finishing Spray, which offers stunning styles and long-lasting hold.

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For wedding guests who want more curls, you can curl your hair in sections and then pin it to the end of For wedding guests who want more curls, you can curl your hair in sections and then pin it to the end of the bun. You can twist your hair around the other side of your headband and secure it. Pin it in place against your head. Don’t forget to use the salon-quality All About Curls® styling line, which will enhance naturally curly hair no matter what your texture, style, or curl pattern may be. Use the Bouncy Cream or Taming Gel to define those bouncy curls. These products dry quickly and leave no residue behind. For added glam, use hair accessories to complete this wedding guest hairstyle.

Wavy Low Twist

Think of this curly low twist as an upgraded version of your classic high twist but with a playful flair. This wavy low twist braid gives off an effortless elegance that you'll want to keep wearing over and over again. Divide your hair into three equal sections and spray each section with hairspray to hold it in place. Twist your hair until you reach the end of your right side section. Make sure to twist counterclockwise. Take the right section and wrap it in on itself as if you were making a bun. Some hair may stick out and that’s ok. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Pin the middle section by twisting it in a clockwise direction. Do the same with the left section. Finish by spraying hairspray over the buns. This style works best when there are more stray layers, so don't worry about being perfect. To take your wavy low twist to the next level, weave a hair chain, lace, or flower garland through one side of the low braid and tie it with a subtle bow at the nape of your neck.

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For the curly girls out there, you can dry your hair with a curl diffuser. Make sure you prep your hair with All About Curls® wash day cleansers, conditioners and treatments to define your curls. Alternatively, if you prefer to finish off this low ponytail with a braid, you could braid your hairline into four sleek Dutch braids and tie them into a loose and low ponytail. Curl the ends of the ponytail to create a textured wavy look. To keep your curls looking and feeling healthy, spray your braids and curls with oil or a lightweight shine spray.

Trendy Sideswept Waves

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Do you need a fun and flirty medium-length wedding guest hairstyle? We got you! A sideswept wave is perfect for a whole night event or wedding reception. This quick guide shows you how to achieve gorgeous, salon-style sideswept waves at home. To begin with, make sure you have prepped your hair with our Biotera® clinically tested, salon proven hair care line to achieve healthy-looking hair that lets you shine. We recommend blow-drying your hair, and curling them with a medium-sized curling iron to pin each section in place.

When doing the side sweep, do a deep side hair part. Using a brush, carefully brush from the crown upward and over to the right. Use a hair wand to create loose waves in your hair. You can start your waves a few inches from your roots and curl them away from your face. Wrap your hair around the hair wand barrel, leaving the ends out, then hold for a few seconds before releasing. From the ear down, gently bring your curls to the right side and secure them with a pin or hair accessory. For extra shine and to hold your hair in place use the All About Curls® Curls for Days or Biotera® Finishing Spray.

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