AGE Beautifully with Zotos Professional Anti-Aging Permanent Liqui-Creme Hair Color


I’m all about aging beautifully and youthfully.  I do my best to stay agile, vibrant and youthful by eating right, exercise regularly, and getting enough sleep. I’m also on the lookout for the best and most affordable products from skincare to haircare as part of this upkeep.

As I age my skin and hair lose elasticity, moisture, and volume.  On top of that, I’m also getting more gray hair, a natural progression in life.  And no, I’m not ready to go full-on silver fox.

It’s no secret that I have been coloring my gray hair at home for the past few years because it’s economically feasible and time-saving. I have tried almost every product and brand that you could think of.  Although they did their job in hiding my grays the downside was that the color would fade (and more so near the temples) after a few weeks and my hair would start to look brassy and dull.  While waiting for my next at-home hair coloring, I use this product to touch up my gray roots to get me through the weeks.



Most recently, I tried the Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liqui-Creme Hair Color in Darkest Brown. Since I have over 50% gray hair permanent color is the best option to cover my grays. This product is the first color with melanin, keratin peptide, silk protein and a patented conditioning technology to replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging. Their unique formula penetrates deeply and absorbs quickly to cover gray 100% and deliver beautiful, rich color that lasts for up to 8 weeks.



No wonder my hair feels stronger, shinier, and softer after the hair dye.  What I didn’t expect is that the color around my temples lasts a lot longer than most products I have used in the past, which is a bonus.

Since I need to dye my hair every few weeks I prefer to do this on my own at home because not only does it save me the time it also doesn’t put a big dent in my wallet.

That’s why I’m so happy that I discovered Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liqui-Creme Hair Color.  It is very easy to use and does not drip or sting my scalp – I have very sensitive skin by the way. This is by far the best permanent hair color product I have ever used on my hair.  Stay tuned for an upcoming step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look at home without spending a fortune.

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