Looking for a New Trend? Try Wearing a Headband!

Headbands are an all-too-overlooked accessory that can work for any hair style or type! At Zotos Professionals, we love incorporating headbands into a variety of styles, and we love that they're as fashionable as they are practical. 

Whether you're growing out your bangs and need a no-fuss yet stylish way to keep them back or want to create a styled look but are low on time, headbands have you covered. 

Today's post is all about exploring how to wear a headband, using a curly hair headband, and more. Check out the table of contents to find the ideal section for you, or just read straight through for the full breakdown!

Table of Contents: 

● How to Wear a Headband 

● How to Wear a Headband With Thin Hair

● How to Wear a Headband With Curly Hair

● How to Wear a Headband With Straight Hair

● How to Wear a Headband With an Updo

● How to Wear a Headband for Growing Out Bangs

● How to Tie a Bandana Headband 

How to Wear a Headband – The Basics

Unlike scrunchies, which you're more or less required to use in a ponytail or half-up 'do, headbands go with the flow. They're a fantastic way to elevate your look from loose and casual to chic buns and top knots.

A headband, or even a patterned bandana, can instantly make your low-key weekend outfit capture all the chill vibes you love. Or, if you're wearing it out, a sparkly, metallic, or decorated headband can easily add sparkle and bling to your look in a fun and unexpected way. 

Before sliding the headband on, you'll want to brush and detangle your hair thoroughly. You can choose to do a side part, pull some fringe free, or brush your hair back to hold in place with the headband. 

Try to position a headband so it rests slightly past the middle of your scalp. Pushing a headband it too far back can cause the front of your hairstyle to come loose. If you're using an elastic style headband, try to securely place it on your head to avoid it slipping off.  

Remember to consider the overall look you're trying to achieve. A formal event, like a wedding, will do better with a delicate yet dazzling headband decked out in rhinestones, small flowers, or jewels. On the other hand, for a casual look can try a wide, knotted headband for a cozy vibe. You can also combine one or two patterned bands to dress up your look. 

How to Wear a Headband With Short Hair

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't play around with styles! Headbands for short hair work best when they're thin (less than 2 inches wide) because it keeps your hair and facial symmetry in balance. 

Keep your hair down, and use the headband to either emphasize bands or shift them back. Textures can be a fun way to add more depth to a short style, so consider a ruffled fabric headband or one that's embellished with knotted fabric or flowers. 

How to Wear a Headband With Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, you want a headband that won't snag and tear out any strands. We suggest using a fabric headband for those with thin, fine hair. Fabric headbands are often gentler and less likely to create tension.

A fabric headband is also a great way to fill out a thin hairline or mask thinning or balding discreetly. Many women struggle with alopecia or trichotillomania, an anxiety disorder that causes them to pull out their hair. 

If you have hair loss or a naturally thin hairline, a good headband can instantly help you achieve a fuller look. 

We also suggest using a thin hair shampoo and conditioner to provide greater volume and nourishment. Check out Biotera's Ultra Thick & Full collection for gentle restoration and renewal. 

How to Wear a Headband With Curly Hair

Trying to fit a headband into your curly mane can feel like a challenge, especially if your locks don't want to cooperate. We first suggest using products that will make your curls soft, silky, and easy to style.

The All About Curls line features products suitable for all curl types, including a hydrating shampoo and de-frizzing stylers. You can even grab a starter kit to sample multiple products without overspending.

Nourishing your curls just right is essential to getting them more malleable. While you may always need to put a little more effort into taming your 'do, it won't be as much hassle when your curls are well-moisturized. 

The easiest way to incorporate a headband is to use a stretchy one that can adjust to your hair's body. This prevents any unnecessary tangles and tearing with a more fixed band. 

To try out the look, simply push your curls back from your eyes and slide the headband on. Curls will naturally spring up around it, and you may even pull a few loose for a cute, casual look. 

A curly hair headband made from soft fabric or tied bandana will allow you to shift rather than smush your curls to suit your style. No more unruly top knots or rebellious ponytails for you!

How to Wear a Headband With Straight Hair

Straight hair is some of the easiest to style, so you can pick a headband you like and play around with different looks. You might decide to get a side fringe and pull bangs loose for a face-framing ponytail; you could just let all your hair fall back and enjoy having your face front-and-center. 

Make sure that you thoroughly moisturize, brush, and maintain your straight hair. Trimming the ends often can help prevent breakage up the shaft and dreaded dead ends.  

How to Wear a Headband With an Updo

Try a loose style rather than a taut one to find an updo style that works well with a headband. Looser styles can also helps prevent putting strain on your hairline, which could lead to hair loss or recession. Gentle waves and curls also work well in headband updo styles. 

Try a loose bun knotted atop your crown, or set a mid-rise ponytail above your ears. Use some styling gel or a spray to hold everything in place, and make sure that your hair ties are stretchy to prevent tearing and breakage. 

Once you've got your look in place, gently place the headband over the scalp and adjust it until it's in a position you like. Play around with strands that fall around the face, perhaps draping parts of the headband and giving it a more tousled, artsy look. 

How to Wear a Headband for Growing Out Bang

Growing out bangs can be such a pain, and you may always reach that awkward, eye-obscuring stage before trimming once again. Use a headband to keep your bangs out of your eyes. It can also help you set a new part as you decide whether you'd like to go for a side-styled 'do or a classic middle part. 

Wondering how to wear a headband with a middle part? It's easy! Simply lay it over your natural parting, or comb all your hair back before sliding the band over the front of your face.

How to Tie a Bandana Headband

Bandanas are fun, versatile accessories that can add a chill, retro-inspired aesthetic to your look. Here's how to tie an easy bandana headband in 5 steps:

  1. Use a square bandana to get a uniform fold. 
  2. Lay your bandana flat, then fold the bottom corner to the top to make a triangle. 
  3. Fold the triangle along its longest side to make a strip. 
  4. Spray the strip with hairspray, and let it sit for a few minutes. This will improve its hold in your hair. 
  5. Wrap the strip around the front of your head, then tie the corners in place. Adjust tightness and position until you're happy with the result. You can reverse this step to get a knot on top instead of the back. 

Pro tip: Make sure that it's not too tight when you secure your bandana. While you want a nice hold, don't knot it so tightly that you feel pressure or discomfort. 

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