Quick & Easy Hairstyles For The New Mom

Becoming a mom is as amazing as everyone says it is. It’s also a lot of hard work and extra time is not something that we have a lot of these days. Baby snuggles over blow drying your hair sounds a bit nicer anyways. Changing a dirty diaper on the other hand is a different story but you get my drift. Time is of the essence now and to have an arsenal of go to hairstyles to make you feel a bit more pulled together can make all of the difference. Looks I have been living in lately:



1. Invest in a cute headband (or five) to add some style to your look while hiding greasy roots. A bed head or an undone texture looks super cute with a headband. If you just showered, try applying Biotera Alcohol Free Mousse to damp hair, scrunch in and let air dry. Top with a headband.



2. Apply Biotera Ultra Color Care Dry Shampoo to the roots of lived in hair and pull your hair back half way for a half up-half down look. Secure in a messy bun or twist it up with this pin from Adorned Society.



3. Look put together and treat your tresses to some extra love by leaving in a conditioning mask while you're on the go. Simply rinse it out when you shower next for a deep conditioning treatment. Comb through damp hair and apply Biotera Natural Origin Restore Strengthening Mask to the hair. Create a deep side part and pull the hair back into two knots, one on top of the other.


For more inspiration visit Elle Kinney.