How to Do a Pull-Through Braid

I’m Shunta Cromartie, a Zotos Professional Educator and licensed stylist. While we’re all at home, I wanted to demonstrate the pull through braid for you because it is a trendy style that can be achieved effortlessly. You can achieve this gorgeous look in just a few minutes! The irony is that it is called a pull through braid but does not require much braiding at all. Isn’t that great? Here’s how it is achieved.



You will need:



1. Comb hair straight down and spray Biotera Finishing Spritz to add texture.

2. Section hair into three sections with a mohawk in the middle.

3. Create two under braids on the side sections and secure with elastic bands.



4. In the mohawk, subsection a 2-inch parting and create ponytail #1.

5. Create ponytail #2 using a 2-inch parting.

6. Split ponytail #1 in half and secure on the sides with a clip.



7. Flip ponytail #2 to the front and secure with a clip.

8. Release ponytail #1 and create ponytail #3 including the hair from ponytail #1.



9. Continue to work down the mohawk in the same pattern until all the hair is secured.

10. Start at Ponytail #1, gently fan out the hair.

11. Work down the mohawk until all the secured hair is fanned out.

12. Tuck the two side braids.

13. Tuck the pull through braid and secure with hair pins.

14. Lastly, use Biotera Finishing Spritz for hold.