National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

"Who does your hair?" 

When you get hit with that question, you know you look good. And it’s all thanks to a fantastic stylist who has used their time, talent, and skills to make your natural beauty truly shine through a fab haircut. 

Every hair creator can take some credit for making our daily ‘dos look great, but where would any of us be without a trusted hairstylist in our lives? We shudder to think about it.

That’s why, at Zotos Professionals, we are super excited to celebrate all the talented stylists on our team and around the world this National Hairstylist Appreciation Day. 

Many people don’t realize that being a hairstylist is about so much more than just cutting hair. 

These individuals play a pivotal role in building our self-confidence. They help us discover our beauty. They are there to help us feel and look our absolute best for milestone moments and our regular trims.

Whether your stylist owns a chain of salons, rents a chair, or works out of their garage, every hairstylist deserves to know how wonderful and important their work is. 

Why Hairstylists Are So Important

Think about some of the most significant special occasions in your life. Prom. Your quinceañera, sweet 16, graduation, your wedding day. What do all these have in common? A dedicated hairstylist who helped bring your vision for your look to life.

Hairstylists are often part of our most memorable events and beloved memories. From baby’s first haircut to helping grandma keep up with her perm, stylists are always there. They offer a lifetime of support, style advice, and good company.

They offer us support, guidance, and a therapeutic ear when we need to vent or just want somebody to gossip over the latest celeb news with. 

They’re master color experts, beauticians, and visionaries whose creativity and skills help us capture who we want to be through our appearance. 

They may be one of the few people we confess our latest struggles to. We always appreciate that they are incredible listeners and genuinely know how to make us feel special and acknowledged. 

Sometimes, you may think of your stylist as such a trusted, familiar figure that you forget to show them how grateful you are for all they do. 

That’s why National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is a wonderful day to celebrate! 

What Day Is Hairstylist Appreciation Day? 

Hairstylist Appreciation Day 2022 is on April 25th. The current date has been set since 2012, but before that, people observed it on April 20th. 

How to Celebrate National Hairstylist Appreciation Day 


There is no wrong way to go about it, and you know your stylist best. If you two are close and have been sharing the salon space for years, then you may be able to get them something personal that you know they’ll love.

For example, if they never have a coffee too far out of reach, why not get them a gift card to their go-to coffee shop? 

 If your stylist is a makeup guru on top of being a killer hairdresser, then you may decide to treat them to a gift card to a top cosmetics store. Whatever you know they love. The amount doesn’t have to be major, either. Just a token of your appreciation matters, and it’s bound to make your stylist’s day. 

Here are some of our other fave ways to show hairstylist appreciation. 

Send Them a Tip


You may be wondering how much to tip a hairstylist whenever you head into the salon or get a home visit. While there is no set amount, aim for 18% to 20% of your service’s price. Remember that self-managed stylists rely solely on their customers for financial stability. 

There is no salary to count on, only good business, which is why they put so much effort into everything from crafting the perfect experience to ensuring you’re always 110% satisfied with your final look.

You don’t need to wait until your next appointment to do this, though. If you have your stylist’s Paypal or Venmo, just send a tip to wish them a happy National Hairstylist Appreciation Day! 

Get a New Look 


Treat yourself and your stylist by exploring a new hairstyle! You may even decide to take your new look a notch by changing your color or texture. This is a fun opportunity to give your stylist some business while also enjoying some R&R. Scalp massage, anyone? 

Recommend Them to Friends 

Whenever your friends mention getting their hair done, be sure to drop your stylist’s name. They’ll greatly appreciate the business. Make sure you tell them to fill your stylist in on who sent them. This will give them a huge confidence boost that is sure to make their day ten times better. 

Post About Them on Social Media


Share a pic of your latest hairstyle, and tag your stylist on Instagram! You can also leave a positive review for them on Google Business or Yelp if they have pages there. Social media is a fantastic way to give stylists more recognition, and it’s free! 

Say Thank You


This tip may sound silly, but it’s actually so simple many people overlook it. While tips, referrals, and reviews are all amazing, saying “thank you” or “I really appreciate your hard work” means so much to a hairstylist.

Stylists work tirelessly for 6 to 10 hours a day on their feet, helping clients look and feel their best. They deserve to know from the customers they love so much that they’re doing a good job and notice how much effort they put into their careers. 

For dedicated hairstylists, hairstyling is so much more than a job. They’re there because they love to connect, support, and help people. 

They do this in a unique way, using their talents and skills to provide clients with tips, tricks, and, of course, those jaw-dropping mirror reveals we live for. 

If you’d like to connect with a professional stylist for any of your hair needs, Zotos Professionals team is here for you. Reach out to us via LiveChat, or call our hotline today.